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Wolfburn Distillery Thurso

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Project Information

The construction of the new Wolfburn Distillery will be the most northerly distillery on the Scottish mainland, situated in Thurso Business Park, Thurso, Caithness, and will produce a high quality single malt whisky which will appeal to the current growing global market for Scotland’s Whisky’s, especially in the Far East.
  • Client: Aurora Brewing LtdDate: 01/06/2013

Wolfburn Distillery Thurso

Aurora Brewing Ltd has built the new Wolfburn Distillery beside the site of an abandoned distillery which ceased production in the late 19th century, you can still see some of the ruins today, very little is known about what happened to the Wolfburn Distillery, it was the largest working Distillery in Caithness at that time.

The development started in August 2012, and consisted off the, supply, delivery and erection off, 3No. Steel Portal Frame Buildings, comprising of 1 No. 30 x 15m Distillery Building with structural concrete floor slab, and 2 No. 30 x 20m Warehouse Buildings and formation of hard standings and buildings link road and all associated building services and surface water drainage system.

Wolfburn intake works, included intake weir, pump sump manhole, connecting pipe, rising main and cable duct to building including all temporary works for control of burn water during intake installation.

The distillery draws its water from the Wolf Burn, as the original Wolfburn Distillery did.

Portal frames with bracing erected on cast in place concrete pad footings. Buildings are clad in profiled steel sheeting fixed to steel purlins and side rails. Ground level wall section 2.0m high was cavity blockwork construction on strip footings tied into steel frame.

Building floors was poured concrete and gravel surfaces.

Roofs and walls of each building was clad in 0.7mm plastisol coated profiled steel sheeting in Slate Blue colour. Building framework incorporated all permanent bracings and sub framing for doorways and windows. The floor slab and bottom 2.0m wall section of each building was constructed in concrete blockwork

The distillery building cladding was Kingspan, Firesafe sheeting with 40mm insulation, with white internal finish.

Roof incorporated “Mackridge” ridge vent units, permanently venting incorporating stainless steel bird guards and to same colour as cladding.

Rear wall of distillery has incorporated a single roller shutter panel, shutter is manually operated from floor level.

Within the distillery building there is an office / control room and welfare facilities, consisting off, unisex toilet / shower room with a mess room attached.

The warehouse building cladding was Kingspan single skin sheeting. Roof sheeting to incorporate weather proofed continuous ridge ventilation.

Each building has single roller shutter entrance door, together with separate personnel door and Fire Exit door. The rainwater goods which were fitted consisted of, Kingspan Highline system, in matching pre-coated steel together with downpipes. Masonry works to perimeter and internal walls including finished render.

Installation of electric, telephone, water supply and foul drainage services to existing connection points at site boundary.

Painter work consisted of office unit and internal face of block work walls.

Formation of a new carpark, surfacing of roads and hard standing areas, including DBM surfacing to 2 No. entrances including all kerbing works.

Landscaping and planting of Wild Flowers was also carried out.

Wolfburn is now a highly revered Whiskey.